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Five Experts You Should Be Following In The Field Of Nutrition

by Jake Gifford

Despite an abundance of information accessible, nutrition is one of those areas which can be a minefield of confusion with bad science, self-proclaimed experts and misleading headlines.

It's great that the general public want to know more about what they eat and drink but it often can be a challenge where to start or know who is credible or not.

I took the liberty of compiling a list of five experts who are well respected and you can trust to give you the right information with your best interests at heart.

1. The Rooted Project (Rosie Saunt RD & Helen West RD)

Rosie and Helen whom are two experts in their own right are both qualified dietitian with numerous years of experience underneath their belts. The Rooted Project was created by both of them to help connect the World of academia with the public as a consequence of increasing interest in nutrition.

The project provides nutrition science in an accessible and easy to understand manner, challenging media headlines, crazy TV shows, documentaries and social trends. This allows the reader to feel more confident in making the right choices, rather than worrying about the minutiae.

I thoroughly recommend you follow The Rooted Project on social media and check out their content if you'd like balanced opinions and evidence-based nutrition.

2. Dr Megan Rossi RD APD

If you're looking to understand more about your gut health then look no further than Dr Megan Rossi. A leader in her field, who's PhD earned her the Dean's award for academic excellence, Megan will provide you the latest gut health science in an easy to digest manner (excuse the pun).

Gut health is one of those topics where it can be easy to get misled and consequently many individuals will pay through the nose to get tests done which aren't always supported by science. Luckily, Megan will put you on the straight and narrow and save you a whole heap of trouble when it comes to supporting your gut health.

I thoroughly recommend you follow Megan on social media and check out her content if you'd like to learn more about gut health, testing and issues such as IBS.

3. Laura Thomas PhD, RNutr

If you're looking for a straight talking nutritionist that will challenge poor public health messages and the current obsession with diet culture then you need to be following Laura Thomas PhD.

Creator of the well-recognised and highly recommended "Don't Salt My Game" podcast, Laura calls out terrible science, critically reviews current topics within the spotlight and helps people rebuild their relationship with food. A shining light in an industry where anyone can call themselves a nutritionist.

I thoroughly recommend you follow Laura on social media, check out the podcast "Don't Salt My Game"  and check out her content if you'd like to learn more about eating intuitively, how you can stop policing your food and break free from diet culture.

4. Lucy Aphramor RD

A pioneer in the field of nutrition, Lucy addresses key topics and issues that rarely anyone seems to discuss. Nutrition is often framed as an individualised concept often failing to discuss social inequalities and social justice which have such an impact on obesity, food choices and our health.

Lucy brings social justice and oppression to the forefront, in order to help change the conversation surrounding nutrition and health. Changing the conversation can help instigate change to help improve the quality of healthcare for ALL individuals rather than a few that fit a criteria where oppression and social inequality isn't rife.

Also a keen poet, Lucy uses the performing arts to help tackle issues through spoken word and challenge current discourse within health and wellness. I thoroughly recommend you check out the work Lucy has done to help address social justice and politics within the industries.

Twitter: @lucy_wellnow
Youtube: Poetry

5. Pixie Turner, ANutr

A wellness rebel with a cause, Pixie Turner is a non-diet nutritionist that provides a well-balanced and fresh perspective on nutrition that needs to be shared. Want to know the key role nutrition plays and how to avoid falling into the trap of myths and fads? Then Pixie is your nutritionist.

Pixie challenges poor nutritional science and dietary fads, instead she focusses on what matters and why you shouldn't worry about a lot of claims circulating out there.

I thoroughly recommend you follow Pixie on social media and check out her content if you'd like to bust some nutrition myths and find out what's important and what isn't in the World of nutrition. Pixie also has a book out called 'The Wellness Rebel' which is a breath of fresh air in comparison to the crazy diet books out there from celebrities and self-proclaimed experts.

About the Author Jake Gifford

Jake Gifford, MSc is a personal trainer based in Amersham, Buckinghamshire. Jake encourages people to reject diet culture and discover the benefits of exercise beyond the way you look. You can also find him on Instagram @thephitcoach

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